Historic Motorsport & Photo Art

Limited Portraits

Portraits – 5 Drivers of the Golden 60s
Five fine art prints of highest quality (in A2 format 59,3 x 41,8 cm, image size 41,8 x 33,8 cm) in hand made linnen box, editorial book ‘The Golden Age of Formula 1’ and white gloves.

Zooms Limited Edition

One of Rainer W. Schlegelmilchs specialities is his “zoom” photographic technique, through which he converts the movement and speed of racing cars into a fascinating and adventurous display of colour and excitement.

The Great Challenge

“The Great Challenge” series recounts the great races and their heroes, their victories and defeats from 1962 until end of 2006. Expressive portraits are interspersed with thrilling racing scenes and photos documenting the spirit of the age.

​Perpetual Senna Calendar

For all those who still worship the great Brazilian and have no wish to forget him, I have created, with the help of my photos, this perpetual calendar as a permanent reminder of the career of this uniquely talented race driver and extraordinary human being.