Full of passion, excitement and uniqueness

Full of passion, excitement and uniqueness

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Photo exhibition at Red Bull's Hangar-7

"The Golden Age of Car Racing"

In his latest exhibition, entitled “The Golden Age of Car Racing”, Rainer W. Schlegelmilch is presenting a retrospective of fascinating photos from the very beginnings of motorsports, when races were not yet won by the engineering arms race of the teams but mainly by the skill of the drivers. It was the defining era of motorsports, and the beginning of the quest for perfect technology, elegance and design.

The Great Challenge

“The Great Challenge” series recounts the great races and their heroes, their victories and defeats from 1962 until end of 2006. Expressive portraits are interspersed with thrilling racing scenes and photos documenting the spirit of the age.

Portraits Limited Edition

Portraits – 5 Drivers of the Golden 60s
Five fine art prints of highest quality (in A2 format 59,3 x 41,8 cm, image size 41,8 x 33,8 cm) in hand made linnen box, editorial book ‘The Golden Age of Formula 1’ and white gloves.